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Sponsors and Supporters

Our sponsors recognise the importance of the support of initiatives designed to foster closer commercial & cultural ties between Germany & America.

Corporate sponsorship is available across a number of initiatives, as well as for overall sponsorship of the AGBC_Frankfurt. These include:

  • Regular luncheons and dinners with featured speakers on topics of interest to the business community on commerce, economics, environment, politics, health, etc. These are always presented in English and have included guests such as;
    • The Honorable Philip D. Murphy, U.S. Ambassador to Germany
    • Klaus-Peter Müller, Chairman of the Board, Commerzbank,
    • Dr. Andreas Dombret Executive Board Member of the Bundesbank,
    • Prof. Norbert Walter, former Chief Economist Deutsche Bank Group
    • Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, leader of the Hessen SPD.
  • Our educational program, “Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow”, in cooperation with the Frankfurt International School of Finance & Management, which teaches young students between the ages of 17 and 21 to write a business plan with the help of mentors from business and commerce.
  • Social events such as regular “Networking Nights”, bowling evenings, charity golf tournaments, whiskey tastings or, in the past, trips to Berlin, Dresden and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
  • Participation, with other organizations in events like Frankfurt’s annual “Newcomers Festival” which welcomes expatriates of all nationalities to the region helping them with orientation and integration.

If you are interested in information on sponsorship opportunities we would love to hear from you!

Annual Sponsorship Packages

Corp Sponsor Mention on key AGBC Events Mailing   
Free- Guest Passes for registered events per year24610
Option to Host Raffle and collect cards   ✔
Exclusive Sponsorship of a single event   
AGBC Special Programs can be tailored in areas such as; topic-speaker – event – panel members  
VIP Introduction to Speakers  
Corp. Logo on AGBC Web site
Banner Adv. In Sponsor area of AGBC Web Site 
10% – Discounted Membership Annual Discount – add on members ( Corp )  

More Information

If you would like more information on how we can tailor a sponsorship package to suit your needs complete your information below:

Thank you for your interest! Expect an email from us very soon

Bite Sized Sponsorships

Individuals can also get involved in events through our “Bite sized sponsorship” program. Starting from as little as €35 you could sponsor elements including:

Sponsor Web AGBC/EoT operations programs costs€200
Sponsor Speakers Meal€50
Sponsor Speakers Hotel Stay€250
Sponsor EoT Student – event ticket€35
Sponsor AGBC – Welcome Drink – Sekt Empfang€300
Sponsor AGBC – Networking Night€1500
Sponsor Administrative AGBC/ EoT Support costs€100
Sponsor AGBC – ticket for guest€50

If you would like to take up a “Bite sized” sponsorship opportunity you can do so by selecting your sponsorship preference  below:

Sponsorship Options

EoT Program Sponsorship

Our “Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” program shows students all about how to write a business plan. Business Professionals “Mentor” and support participants in putting the final plan together. Sponsorship packages are available from €50 and include opportunities such as:

Meal Sponsorship – EoT Food for break- one month sponsorship €300
Printing costs for EoT events and award event €400
EoT – General and Speaker fund costs €200
EoT – Room Rental Fund €500
AGBC Awards Dinner – Sponsor Bronze- honarable mention €50
AGBC Awards Dinner – Sponsor Silver-5th place €100
AGBC Awards Dinner – Sponsor Gold 4th place €100
AGBC Awards Dinner – Sponsor Platinum- 3rd place €250
AGBC Awards Dinner – Sponsor Platinum- runner up €500
AGBC Awards Dinner – Sponsor Platinum- grand €1000

Corporate Sponsors

Our sponsors provide much needed support 

Bite Sized Sponsors

We would like to thank the following people for their generous support of AGBC Frankfurt:

  • Association of AGBCs
  • Mike Oppenheim
  • Daniel Ishikawa (Furniture Leasing)
  • Annette von Pelser
  • Friedbert Herbold
  • Jim Tiedeman
  • Bruce Williams