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President's Welcome

Dear members and friends of the AGBC,

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram—social media are everywhere.  We can communicate virtually instantly with clients, colleagues, prospects and stay in touch with friends and family around the globe – all while drinking coffee in our bathrobes or applying make-up, without selecting an outfit, shaking a hand, or making eye contact with a human being! To promote our business interests these platforms are useful, but in the end there is still no substitute for real human interaction – and  that is where AGBC comes in.

Our Club offers members of the Frankfurt international business community an opportunity to shake hands, break bread, make eye contact, and build personal relationships.  Our members join together to pursue common interests:  professional, philanthropic, even recreational.  Through our Speaker’s Series Program, experts from diverse fields share their experiences and insights where members and their guests can meet and discuss issues and interests with them in-person.  In the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow Program, members act as personal mentors to young people getting their feet wet in the business world for the first time. In addition, the AGBC offers some purely social activities—theater nights, bowling, and golf among others —great reasons to ignore the computer and the smart phone for a few hours. 

As the President of the AGBC Frankfurt, I hope to both lead and follow as the Club holds true to fostering business and social connections of both the old-fashioned and new-fangled types.  For me, personally, it is my goal to listen carefully to you, the members and friends of AGBC, so the Club leadership can learn how it can serve your interests and needs best.

 I hope to see and listen to you at one of our events in the near future.

Kind regards,

Vera  Thiers
President, AGBC-Frankfurt


The American-German Business Club (AGBC) was founded in Bonn in 1964, then the capital city of West Germany.

30 years later, in 1994, the American-German Business Club Frankfurt e.V. was founded. It is now the largest AGBC chapter in Germany with several hundred members, both corporate and individual. Our group was started to help solidify and improve American-German relations on both a business and personal level. We welcome all nationalities who speak English.

​U.S. Consulate officials have been major supporters of this all-volunteer, non-profit organization at its numerous different chapters throughout Germany (Bonn, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, Munich, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden – Mainz). We are a non-partisan networking club discussing up-to-date political and business issues, always in English

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