Trumpenomics Explained!

By Commando 3 months ago
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“Trumponomics – anyone winning?” 

It’s been nearly two years since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. In that relatively brief time, he has upended decades of American economic policy. The President has cut taxes, launched trade wars, and picked fights with America’s closest allies, including Canada and the European Union. Yet, the US economy continues to flourish ahead of key mid-term elections.  

Our panel of industry, government officials and media representatives will explain “Trumponomics” and discuss the economic impact Trump and his policies have had on the US and other economies. Panelist
will address the questions:

• Who is winning from Trumponomics?
• What are the prospects for the rest of his term?
• And, is it really true that everyone loses from a trade war?

Join US and discuss with us the latest developments on the Us trade reform.

More information and booking details can be obtained by clicking HERE

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